Relevant, useful and informative - these are the three main rules for any piece of content. What is relevant in the US will not be relevant in Japan - so why not create content instead of localizing it?

Reach your customers
There's no easier way to drive traffic to your website than by relevant content targeted specifically to your potential customers or users. 

Create bespoke articles and landing pages

Fine feathers make fine birds, right? Your website content should be spot-on, not only content-wise but also SEO-wise. 

Write blog posts that resonate with your audience

This is your place to shine. Plenty of space to describe how brilliant your product is and share business insights.

Content is king

SEO content marketing is the most powerful tool you can use to attract customers and make them loyal.

Boost your seo rankings

Localization is not always the best way to go. Your audiences differ across markets and languages and will be expecting to find different information. Creating bespoke content fitting their needs is the easiest way to light a fire under your SEO rankings and pull users to your website.



Offer your customers exactly what they're looking for and turn them into loyal buyers. Plenty of things to consider: audience review, length, readability...and keeping it all together in all the languages your website is in. Sometimes it's just better to write it from scratch, you know? 


Content that resonates

Creating weekly blog posts can be a strain on the marketing department and coordinating translating them into other languages even adds to that. How these blogs end up performing goes beyond good vs bad translation. SEO copywriting is your way of making sure they don't become irrelevant, fail to fit into your content strategy remain useful to  in-market readers, and speak about things they care about.

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